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General Policy Statement

Our statement of general policy is:

■ to provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities;

■ to consult with our employees and drivers on matters affecting their health and safety and customers health and safety;

■ to provide and maintain safe plant and equipment;

■ to provide information, instruction and supervision for employees and drivers;

■ to ensure all employees/drivers are competent to do their tasks and to give them adequate training;

■ to prevent accidents and cases of work related ill health;

■ to maintain safe and healthy working conditions;

■ to review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals.

■ to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of passengers carried


As the employer you have overall responsibility for health and safety.

Employees also have legal responsibilities to take care of the health and safety of

themselves and others, and to cooperate with you to help you comply with the law.

Overall and final responsibility for health and safety is that of:-

Day to day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice is delegated to:-

Role : the Duty Manager.

 All employees have to:

■ cooperate with supervisors and managers on health and safety matters;

■ not interfere with anything provided to safeguard their health and safety;

■ take reasonable care of their own health and safety;

■ report all health and safety concerns to an appropriate person this policy statement of Coach Hire 4 U Health & Safety Policy

Competency for Tasks and Training

Induction training will be provided for all employees as specified in the induction plan for the individual.

Job specific training will be provided by the line manager, and/or other staff as specified in the individual’ induction plan.


The induction training plan will include, specific jobs requiring special training eg first use checks, driver record keeping, how to communicate with the office effectively, type training on vehicle etc. A driver will only be issued a vehicle, and fuel card once the induction has been completed.

Training records are kept at the head office in Luton, in the Administration Room which is locked for privacy of data, however the Duty Manager can access records if required at all times.

Accidents, First aid and Work Related Ill Health

The first aid boxes are kept in company vehicles and in the office.

The appointed first aiders are noted in the control office.

All accidents and cases of work related ill health are to be recorded in the accident book.

The book is kept in the Control Room at Eaton Green Park.


We keep and demonstrate that we are monitoring health and safety actively.  This is achieved by e.g. doing spot check visits, or reactively, e.g. investigating any accidents or ill health.  Drivers should be prepared for spot checks at all times.To check our working conditions, and ensure our safe working practices are being followed,

The Duty Manager is responsible for investigating accidents.

The Duty Manager is responsible for investigating work related causes of sickness absences and reporting this to Jamie Gardner.


Emergency Procedures 

Escape routes are checked by appropriate third parties twice annually.

Fire extinguishers are maintained on periodic checks by qualified third parties.

If the event of an accident / emergency. The driver is issued with a hand free kit and phone to make calls to authorities as required and the office.  The driver must keep records of all incidents and take images of position of vehicle and third party vehicle to assist in completion of accident report form.The book is kept in the Control Room at Eaton Green Park.

Health and Safety Policy- Coach Hire 4 U

Health & Safety

We take passenger safety very seriously whilst your safety is in our hands. We are pleased to advise that we have had another accident free year making the safety bus service company again this year.  so all our passengers can rest assured that choosing our services is a safe decision. This is true for both our chauffeurs cars and executive taxi services. We are cautious about passenger safety and hire only experienced drivers and also provide them training during the induction week upon their joining with Coach Hire 4 U.

Safety is one of the core values of the business  and we constantly monitor and review how we can achieve the highest standard’s with this in mind.  So if you want safe chauffeur driver travel or indeed a safe taxi look no further

Please click on the links below for our:

General Policy Statement

Risk Assessment

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact one of team

 01582 206 207

Risk Assessment Statement

Risk Assessment 

Coach Hire 4 U vehicles will on a daily basis be subject to a 10 point safety check to make it one of the promising and the reliable Coach Hire Company. 

  1. 1.      Check bodywork. 
  1. 2.      Check tyres. 
  1. 3.      Check door operation. 
  1. 4.      Check horn. 
  1. 5.      Check lighting. 
  1. 6.      Check seatbelt operation. 
  1. 7.      Check fire extinguisher. 
  1. 8.      Check first aid kit. 
  1. 9.      Check vehicle fluids (Oil, Water). 
  1. 10.  Physical observation (Walk round).

Control Duty Manager will be responsible for issuing instructions to sub contractors to implement this daily check.

Duty Manager will be responsible for checking any sub contractors vehicle, licence and insurance documents are valid and up to date.

Bob Uppal will be responsible for checking that all sub contractors have a valid Disclosure/DBS Certificate Procedure. 

In the event of a vehicle breakdown or road traffic accident, the Duty Manager in Control will be responsible for issuing instructions to sub contractors/drivers to manage the health and safety of our passengers/clients in the form of reporting, communicating and recording all relevant information to the contracting authority and Coachhire4u. 

Coachhire4u will ensure clear communications with the contracting authority and with our customer and passengers.

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