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Business Travel Coach Hire

The cost and efficiency of business travel can quickly spiral if you’re not careful. After all, the global corporate travel market is worth more than a trillion pounds and we’d bet generously that a large chunk of travel expenditure is on inefficient means of transport such as trains, where delays are frequent, and costs are sky high. Thankfully, coach hire is an affordable, efficient way to transport your employees and clients and, more importantly, allows you to control the cost of travel as you can assign an average cost-per-head rather than dealing with expenses receipts one at a time.

Make the right impression

When transporting clients or employees, it’s crucial that you show you care. And that means providing transportation that’s not only efficient but also comfortable and modern. At Coachhire4U, you will never find any of our coaches to be in poor condition with torn seats or untidy floors on arrival. All our coaches are cleaned thoroughly between trips and if there’s a cosmetic or technical issue, our quality control team make sure it’s fixed promptly so that it doesn’t affect your journey.

Client outings

One of the many reasons your client may choose to work with you is because of the benefits you provide them and their business. That’s why it’s not unusual to offer client outings, where you take your clients and their team, or teams, for evenings out or, depending on your industry, to exclusive events such as private concerts, and even weekends away. In all respects, we provide a premium service, have modern transportation available and cater to both short and long-distance trips.

At Coachhire4U, we often work with retail companies, marketing agencies and public relations firms to provide transport for press trips, where journalists and ‘influencers’ are delivered an experience to then write about, which helps to boost customer engagement. This can be everything from hotel trips to spa breaks and even international excursions where airport transfers are required.

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Conferences and events

Corporate conferences often take place in large cities such as London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester, which can pose a problem if your company has several offices, or stores, around the country. However, travelling by coach is an efficient way to get everyone to the same location around the same time. We provide multi-city pick-up services and can carry up to 80 passengers per vehicle, including luggage for weekend or multi-day trips. Throughout the conference, as part of our package, we can also provide a dedicated driver for hotel-to-venue transfers and evening activities.

Christmas parties

Travelling for business isn’t always a formal affair. Sometimes, you and your team need to let loose and have an evening of enjoyment, and the annual Christmas party is a fantastic excuse to do just that. However, the best venues are not always within a convenient distance of your office, which means getting large numbers of employees to the same location at the same time. Coach hire is a

fantastic way to do just that; we can pick your employees up from your office after work and take them to the venue and then, after the party, return everyone to your office.

Our Christmas calendar gets booked up quickly, so we recommend booking at least two months in advance to secure your coach. We also have minibuses available for smaller teams.

International travel and airport transfers

When business travel crosses borders, it’s crucial that you have someone you can rely on for airport transfers. That’s why, at Coachhire4U, we provide affordable corporate airport transfers and partner with dozens of companies throughout the UK to provide regular business travel. As a Partner, you’re guaranteed coach availability. We can transfer up to 80 individuals at any one time, plus luggage at no extra cost, and provide return journeys, even if you’re returning into a different airport.

How to book

If you require premium business travel services, contact us to book your coach hire, wherever you are in the UK. When you book, we will assign a corporate travel specialist to your account to ensure all your travel needs are met in good time and that you have a first point of call for any queries.

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