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Conference Coach Hire

Conferences are an essential element in staff development. They provide you with a means to educate your network of staff, or your industry, about developments in an efficient fashion. For instance, many businesses with retail stores throughout the UK host an annual conference where they can educate staff that work externally to the head office about company developments and new procedures. Hosting an annual conference such as this gives these staff an opportunity to ask questions and leaves them feeling included in the decision-making process, which improves staff morale. Industry conferences, which often take place over several days with an expert panel and numerous discussions, are also excellent for professional development.

An itinerary for every business

No two conferences are the same; depending on the discussions you’d like each of your staff to attend, which may vary considerably depending on the conference, itineraries can differ. Therefore, while we can’t provide an exact outline of what your conference will shape up to without you speaking to one of our travel experts, we can provide an outline of popular conference itineraries and how that may affect your travel and coach hire requirements for your conference.

One-day conference

If you’re simply providing your staff with a corporate update, or there’s an industry-wide product launch, a one-day conference may suffice. Your travel itinerary is likely to include a morning pick-up from your office, or multiple locations on the way to your venue, followed by a day of discussion. Then, once the conference is over, we can provide return journeys to those that require it; this may match the morning’s journey but can differ, too. However, bear in mind that while a one-day conference is efficient, it may not always be the best way to educate staff as it can feel rushed.

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Two-day conference

To give your staff or fellow industry professionals room to breathe, a two-day conference itinerary is more favourable. Typically, this involves a pick-up from one or several locations on the morning of day one of your conference, followed by a drop-off at the hotel(s) of your choice. There will be a set transfer time for attendees to get back on the coach to be taken to the conference venue, where they’ll enjoy a day of discussion followed by an evening meal. We can then take attendees back to their hotel and, the following morning, embark on the return journey or, beforehand, travel to the conference venue for another day of discussion before completing the return journey that evening.

Three-day conference

Typically, delivering a three-day conference doesn’t mean including more content but provides a considerably more relaxed environment. Attendees can be picked up the evening before the conference and transported to the hotel, where they can meet their fellow attendees and enjoy the evening. Then, they will rise early the next morning and we’ll bring them to your venue for day one of the conference and a full day of discussion. After the first day of discussion, we can take your attendees back to the hotel where they can get ready for an evening activity, which is often a disco.

Your driver(s) will provide an evening return journey and, for day two of your conference, transfers to and from your venue, followed by the journey home that evening or the following morning.

Week-long conference

You may not necessarily need every attendee to stay for the duration of the conference if you spread events over a week. Instead, you can arrange travel that coincides with various discussions relevant to various groups. For instance, you could break your itinerary into two-day slots for different audiences, such as employees, the press and prospective buyers. In this case, you can coordinate several two-day conference itineraries with your travel advisor, which we provide, to ensure everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there. You will have evening transfers available for the duration, plus transfers to and from the venue for everyone involved.

Multi-city conference

Finally – a less popular option but sometimes required for companies or industries with a UK-wide focus – multi-city conferences are an event type we cater to with our coach hire services. We can pick up your attendees the evening before the first day of your conference and transport them to the hotel, where they can meet their colleagues and enjoy the evening. In this case, it’s not unusual for the hotel to be the conference venue to reduce travel time. The next day, when discussions are over, we can transfer groups to the next hotel in the next city and continue this for as many cities as you need. At the end of the tour, we will return your team(s) to your original pick-up location.

How to book

Planning a conference or looking to send your team to an event? Contact us to book your coach hire service or to discuss your requirements further with one of our corporate travel specialists, who can help you to coordinate your travel itinerary.

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