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Corporate Coach Hire

If you’ve ever tried to get your entire team, or your company for that matter, to the same place at the same time, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Usually, teams break off into small groups and travel by their own means, be it train, bus or car and everyone ends up arriving from every direction and, typically, poorly timed. Unless you have a guaranteed method of transportation for your entire team, you’ll waste time and, worse still, end up with a pile of expenses receipts that your finance department must then spend time processing. That’s where coach hire can help.

We'll make sure your team's on time

With frequent train delays, buses that don’t turn up and taxi drivers that cost an arm and leg, driving remains one of the most cost and time-efficient ways of travelling. However, when you’re a company, and especially if you’re based in a large city, relying on employees with cars is easier said than done. But with our corporate coach hire services, you get the best of both worlds. Your driver will pick your team up from your office, or your requested location, and take you wherever you need to go. We plan all our journeys to allow for traffic which means even if the worst should happen, you can still expect to arrive at your destination 15 minutes before you need to be there.

Long-distance meetings

Nobody likes having to travel to meetings that are far away or inconveniently located, but sometimes it’s necessary. For instance, if you’re a construction company pitching for a new project in a remote location, you’ll need to get your team there to survey the space. Similarly, if you’re scoping out a large event venue and require your team to view the space for planning purposes, it’s crucial they’re all there at the same time so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. That’s where we can help. We offer both minibus and coach hire services that allow you to transport up to 80 individuals at once. Our fleet includes smaller coaches for 20-30 team member, too, so you only pay for exactly what you need.

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Tradeshows and conferences

Sometimes you require coach hire for more than just a day or evening; you need a weekend of guaranteed transportation for a large group. Luckily, we frequently work with companies attending tradeshows and conferences in cities far and wide and provide coach hire to get them there, transport them around city and get them home again at the end of the trip.

A typical conference itinerary for us may include pick-up from your office with travel to a conference venue with a stop-off in between. Then, after the first day of the conference, transportation back to the hotel to prepare for the evening’s activities and back to the conference venue, or an alternative venue, following that. Throughout the duration of a conference or tradeshow, we’d expect 2-3 days of similar itinerary.

We also provide multiple coaches or minibuses to cater to itineraries that overlap each other, which is often the case when attending a conference with several learning threads to it.

Head office appointments

Not everyone’s based in head office, but that doesn’t mean the occasional trip isn’t required. Our clients include corporations arranging for store staff to travel to head office for meetings and development days. That way, store staff feel they’re involved in the company’s development and, according to research, ‘feel more connected to the company for which they work.’

It’s not unusual for numerous stores to send staff for these conferences, so we often provide multi-location pick-up to get the relevant people to the office and, after the meeting or that evening, we transport everyone back to their respective locations. We can also do this over multiple days.

Asking store staff to attend a meeting at head office can feel daunting for the individual, especially if they’re not familiar with the town or city in which your head office is based. Therefore, using our coach hire services helps to keep everyone at ease and reduces stress. Better still, you don’t need to process hundreds of expenses receipts afterwards.

How to book

Have a question about our corporate coach hire services or ready to book? Contact us. All our coach bookings receive a dedicated travel manager. In your case, you’ll receive a corporate travel specialist to assist you with your travel needs.

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