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European Tours Coach Hire

The cost of flying to Europe fluctuates sporadically while the cost of driving remains the same and has for some time. Better still, travelling by coach allows you to take in sights that you may otherwise miss, including pristine countryside and small stop-offs that you would have never ventured into otherwise.

At Coachhire4U, we frequently drive European coach tours for groups of all sizes, for up to 80 individuals. Our coaches come equipment with entertainment systems, plug sockets, toilet facilities and tea and coffee-making facilities, which means you’re assured a comfortable ride while you travel from destination to destination.

Best itineraries for European coach tours

One of the best parts of a European coach trip is that you get to visit more than one city or area of a country for a fraction of the cost it’d take you to fly to each destination. Better still, you don’t need to worry about navigating public transport or asking for directions as our drivers will get you where you need to go in plenty of time, so you have time to explore and relax rather than hopping from one destination to the next with only enough time to snap your camera.

Dutch adventure – Amsterdam and the Bulbfields

Springtime welcomes one of the most spectacular natural events in Europe – the blooming of the bulbfields in the Netherlands. It’s a multi-coloured mosaic that’s not to be missed. That’s why a popular European coach tour itinerary is a Dutch adventure compromising a long weekend exploring the bulbfields, windmills and countryside outside Amsterdam before finishing the trip with a couple of days in the vibrant city, which is home to dozens of museums and galleries and, for the younger crowd, world-famous nightlife. We can provide a return journey and travel throughout your trip.

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Coach tour along the Italian Riviera

There’s nothing quite like spending a week on the Italian Riviera, eating some of the world’s best cuisine while soaking in the sun, sipping wine and overlooking many a spectacular lake. A popular itinerary includes staying in several towns along the Riviera, around the Bay of Genoa, and then venturing on to Portofino – a traditional fishing village with an emerald-blue bay. Better still, as we must drive through France, you can stay in several French towns along the way and take in sights there, too, which means you get a French-Italian combo that promises bounds of culture

Historical weekend in the German Valleys

Germany may be well known for its beer, but it’s the cobbled streets and heritage that we really care about. The Rhine and Moselle Valleys are some of the most sought-after locations for German holidaymakers. Select one and spend a few days taking in historic sights by day and relaxing by the water come night. You’ll be in awe of German hospitality and can enjoy the sunshine on offer for a fraction of the cost of a week in the South of France, for instance, where you’ll pay a premium.

If you prefer cities to relaxing water-side escapes, consider a multi-city break to Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Each city is overflowing with sights, both modern and historical, and are well-known for their vibrancy thanks to their flourishing art scenes and nightlife – it’ll be an experience.

Croatian coast and lakes

Croatia isn’t a destination many think of when considering coach tours, but it’s quickly increasing in popularity and has plenty to offer. It’s a relatively small country with an extensive coastline, which means you can enjoy a variety of experiences for your money. For instance, you can start with Dubrovnik before venturing to the Plitvice Lakes, which is home to terraced lakes and waterfalls. Then, you can continue to one of Croatia’s other popular cities to finish up your trip – both Split and Zagreb are fantastic choices, especially in the summer when you can take advantage of the weather.

How to book

To discuss your European coach trip further and get a quote, or to book your trip, please contact us and speak to a Europe travel specialist. We have years of experience providing travel for European tours and can answer any questions you have.

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