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Summer Schools Coach Hire

Just because school is out doesn’t mean the education stops. There are hundreds of summer schools around the UK and many throughout Europe, too, that offer the chance to elaborate on your learned curriculum out of school term. A fantastic benefit of summer schools is that the learning is often niche, for smaller groups than usual, which means you can delve into specialist subjects such as archaeology and languages, as well as those with broad appeal such as English. There are also summer schools for the arts and outdoor industries give you the freedom to do what you love.

UK summer schools coach hire

Our summer schools coach hire service is available for schools looking to take whole classes to summer schools, or host their own, as well as groups of students venturing to the same school or city for the summer. By travelling by coach, you don’t need to worry about delays on public transport or get frustrated dragging suitcases or large bags up and down staircases in train stations. Instead, you can sit back and relax, listen to music and watch television using our on-board entertainment systems. All our vehicles have a contemporary fit-out and on-board toilet facilities.

If you’re a small group of students or enthusiasts that require transportation to your summer school, worry not – we have a fleet of minibuses available to hire, so that you can benefit from the same travel discounts as larger groups.

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European transportation

To further the adventure and excitement of summer school, you may want to look further afield – there’s plenty going on outside the UK. France and Italy are especially popular for history and language summer schools, where you can surround yourself with like-minded individuals all looking to better themselves. Although, these schools are not all about education but also enjoyment – you will often travel to beautiful natural spots where you can swim and enjoy the landscape, as well as nearby cities where there are various historical and cultural sights to see.

We offer return coach hire for groups of all sizes. Your driver will pick your group up from a location of your choosing and take you to your destination in good time. Most European destinations require at least half a day of driving, but you won’t notice the time spent travelling if you choose to travel overnight, which we recommend to most groups.

During your trip, we can provide transportation to wherever you’d like to go – your driver will stay with you throughout your trip so that you don’t have to worry about getting on public transport in an unfamiliar country or city.

Airport transfers for international students

Arriving in the UK can be stressful for international students that are not familiar with our public transportation or costly taxi services. That’s why we provide airport transfers by coach from all major airports in the UK. Whether you’re an international school flying in for summer school or a UK

organisation that’s invited students to your summer school, we can coordinate with your team to ensure all your travel arrangements are catered for from the minute your students arrive in the UK. You can even pick your students up with us to ensure you’re introduced from the get-go. And that doesn’t just mean airport transfers but could include transportation throughout your stay, too.

Summer school trips and activities

Not all summer school activities need to take place on campus. We often work with summer schools to provide transportation for day trips as part of the summer curriculum, including trips to cities such as London to visit museums, galleries, theatres and other sights that combine educational experience and holiday activity. If you’re staying in a city for a weekend to watch an educational talk or participate in a panel discussion, we can provide transportation for the duration of the trip, so your students don’t need to worry about additional travel expenses.

How to book

Planning your summer school curriculum and need transportation? Contact our team of travel specialists to discuss your needs and get a no-obligation quote. On booking, you will be assigned a personal travel manager that will handle any queries you have before and during your hire.

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