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Terms & Conditions

  1. Applications

These conditions apply whether a contract has been made verbally or in writing. The hirer acts on behalf of all the passengers travelling on the vehicle. If the hirer is a company, group, or partnership, an individual must be named as a responsible person, tour guide, group leader, teacher, event organiser, party leader Etc. The hirer is responsible for actions and decision of all passengers on board including any additional cost incurred in performing the contract, whether or not they actually travel with the party. The company will only accept instructions from the hirer. We will only take instructions from the responsible person if we are instructed to do so by the hirer in writing prior to the hire.

If the hirer is not going to travel with the party, a responsible person must be chosen, and the company informed prior to the hire-taking place, who the responsible person will be.

  • Book are subject to availability of the vehicle and/or driver up to 48 hrs prior to booking.
  • Quotation/Bookings placed via the internet which are not deliverable due to availability of vehicle and/or driver will be fully refunded within seven working days of the initial order being placed.
  • Notification of supply will be sent in three working days of order.
  • Errors and Omission accepted.


  1. Quotations

Quotations are given on the basis of the most direct route and on information provided by the hirer.

The route used will be at the discretion of the company, size of vehicle weather and traffic congestion will be considered for the best route unless it has been particularly specified by the hirer in which case it will be clearly shown on the confirmation. Specified Route will only be adhered to if conditions and vehicle size permits

All quotations are given subject to the company having available and suitable vehicle(s) at the time of quotation and the hirer accepts the quotation will be used for a specific category of vehicle.

  • Quotations are valid for 28 days unless otherwise notified.
  • Quotations are given for vehicle and driver only. Any additional charges will be separately identified and will be the hirer’s responsibility unless otherwise specified. i.e. parking, road tolls, ferry crossings, driver accommodation, driver meal allowances.
  • All quotations are given as estimates, though the estimate will normally be a fixed price, there may be extra’s mileage, mobile phone calls, waiting, parking, credit card. This is per our standard tariff.
  • Errors and omission accepted, in web quotations/verbal quotations and email correspondence.


  1. Use of vehicles

The hirer cannot assume the use of the vehicle between outward and return journeys, nor to remain at the destination for the hirer’s use, unless the company has agreed on this in advance. and clearly states this on your confirmation. There is normally an additional charge if a vehicle and driver is requested to stay.


  1. Routes and Time Variation

The company reserves the right to levy additional charges, for additional mileage or time other than that agreed. The charges will be pro rata and in accordance with the formula used on the original booking confirmation.

The vehicle will depart at times agreed by the hirer, and it is the responsibility of the hirer to account for all passengers at those times. Driving hours regulations are strict and detailed planning is used to ensure the driver can provide the service booked whilst meeting his/her legal driving hours obligations. Assumptions should never be made that a driver can simply extend the journey without seeking prior consent from Coachire4U operations department.

The company will not accept any liability for any losses incurred by passengers who fail to follow instructions by the hirer.

The route may vary by the driver, to be suitable for the size of vehicle and traffic conditions on the day, which may not be obvious to the hirer.

Times of service will be detailed on your booking confirmation, any variance from the booked times must be notified seven days prior to the service delivery date and is subject to acceptance/confirmation that the variation is possible, additional charges may be applied for variations of times or mileage. A final confirmation will be sent 24hr’s before the booking. It is the hirer’s responsibility to check the details are correct, paying particular attention to Date/time and postcode.


  1. Drivers Hours

Law regulates the hours of operation for the driver, and the hirer accepts the responsibility of ensuring the hire keeps to the hours and times agreed by the company and current legislation and that altering timings is not always possible.

Neither the hirer nor any passenger shall delay or otherwise interrupt the journey in such a way that the driver is at risk of breaching regulation relating to the driver’s hours and duty time. If any breach is likely to occur the hirer will be responsible for any additional cost incurred unless it is outside the control of the hirer.

Any additional cost will be as in condition 4. The company also reserves the right to curtail or alter any hire, which does not comply with the relevant regulations.


  1. Seating Capacity

The Company at the time of booking agrees the legal seating capacity of the vehicle to be supplied. The hirer must not load the vehicle beyond this capacity. If you have stated a number of passengers we reserve the right to supply a vehicle to accommodate the number of passengers stated. You must not assume if the paperwork states 53 seats you will be supplied a 53 seat vehicle if you only have 40 passengers travelling. There are multiple variants of vehicles and sizes, too many and too confusing to list all options. Options offered at the time of quotation are the standard format used within the industry and are indicative only and used as a guide. The passenger number is the factor in determining the vehicle supplied.


  1. Conveyance of animals

On a private hire, no animals (other than guide dogs for the blind or deaf and should be notified to the company in advance) may be carried on any vehicle without prior written agreement from the company.


  1. Confirmation

Normally, written confirmation by the company is the only basis for the acceptance of a hiring or subsequent alteration to its terms.


  1. Payment

Payment is required based on the rate selected, Saver, Flexi or Flexi Plus as detailed in point 12 below.

  • Payment made in full for Saver and Flexi Plus rates to apply at point of booking.  Flexi Rate bookings 25% at point of booking and balancing payments must be made and received 14 days prior to day of hire, unless otherwise agreed by the company.
  • If the hirer has a credit agreement with the company this will be indicated on the payment terms displayed on the invoice. Overseas clients payment terms: 50% in advance and 50% prior to departure and Flexi Rate cancellation terms apply.
  • The company reserves the right to add interest at the rate of 3% compound interest per calendar month, after the day, which the payment should have, been made.
  • Any ancillary services I.e. ferry crossings, entrance tickets, catering, etc. are 100% payable at the time of the booking.
  • 14 days prior to travel, if the hirer fails to pay a balance to the terms agreed the deposit will be forfeit and the booking will be cancelled.


  1. Additional Charges.

The company reserves the right to charge the customer for any additional cost and expenses reasonably incurred by the company in order to perform or to continue to perform the contract. (Parking, road tolls, overnight accommodation, etc.)


  1. Airport collections

If a passenger does not arrive within 1 hour of the aircraft landing: 

  • The  passenger will be called on their mobile if supplied
  • The passenger will be paged if applicable
  • We will check via the authorities at the respective ports
  • We will check with the airline.
  • We will advise the client and ask for further information.

If following the above procedures the passenger/s does not make him/herself known to the company’s representative the representative shall be entitled to assume that the passenger did not arrive at the port or has made alternative arrangements. The company representative will then leave the airport under no obligation to the hirer.

All airport parking charges are in addition to the journey charge. For account customers parking charges will be added to the account, pre-paid customers will be required to pay the parking on the vehicle leaving the car park.

Where a coach is being used, the company will advise the hirer of the parking arrangements, as these vary between airports and in some cases, the driver may not be allowed to leave the vehicle.


  1. Cancellation by the Hirer

If the hirer wishes to cancel any agreement, for whatever reason, the scale of charges depend on the rate paid as follows will apply in relation to the total hire charge.

Saver Rate*

  • Lowest price option applied only if 100% paid in full upon booking
  • Non-refundable

Flexi Rate*

  • 25% non-refundable deposit to be paid upon booking
  • Balance to be paid in full 14 days in advance of hire date
  • Cancellation charges applied on coach hire: 

100% 0-7 days 
60%   8-13 days 
25%  14 days plus 

Flexi Plus Rate*

  • You pay a little more for more flexibility
  • 100% to be paid in full upon booking
  • Cancel up to 2 full working days prior 0% refund
  • Cancel your trip before 2 full working days prior to travel you will receive a 100% refund on coach hire
  • Alternatively you can move your trip forward to another chosen date, subject to availability.
  • Cancellation 0-2 working days is non-refundable


*The full cost of accommodation, meals, and theatre tickets (or any such ancillary services), which have already been booked or purchased by the company prior to the cancellation and at the request of the hirer, will be charged to the hirer, plus any administration charges incurred by the company. The company will give credit for refunds obtained (If Any)

Cancellation due to inclement weather conditions will be charged as above.

A voucher may be issued so you can travel on another day and can be used on alternative size vehicle to the original booking. The value will be displayed clearly displayed and cross referenced to your original booking. It can be claimed until the expiry date displayed on the voucher. A voucher will be considered void if tampered with or damaged. Vouchers can not be used in conjunction with other promotions or offers. Vouchers are eligible to vehicles subject to availability. 

  1. Cancellation
    1. Due to Force Majeure

In the event of any emergency, riot, civil commotion, strike-lockout, stoppage or on the restraint of labour or on the happening of any event on which the company has no control. (Including but not limited to, adverse weather, road conditions breakdowns and or  pandemics ), the company may cancel the contract. These circumstances are commonly known as ‘Force Majeure’ an unforeseen major event out of the suppliers control in which the supplier could not have foreseen or avoided even with all due care and that were beyond any reasonable control.

Changes or termination of your contract due to Force majeure are extremely unlikely and extremely rare, if however such major events do occur Or in the event of the hirer taking any action to vary agreed conditions unilaterally

we regret we will not be able to make any refund or payment of services not received.

    1. By the choice of CH4U

In the unlikely event of vehicles and/or drivers becoming unavailable, the supplier company may, by returning all monies paid and without any further or other liability, cancel the contract to supply.

  1. Vehicle to be provided
  2. A. The company reserves the right to provide an alternative size or larger or multiple vehicles other than that specified at no additional charge unless any extra seats are used in which case an additional pro rata charge will be made to the hire charge. Any images of vehicles supplied are deemed to be ‘similar’ and not the exact vehicle to be supplied as allocations may change from time to time and the exact vehicle of supply cannot be guaranteed. Photographs supplied or web images are only to be used as a guide as to the type of vehicle supplied.
  3. B. The company reserves the right to substitute another vehicle (including those of the operators) or ancillary facilities for all or part of the hire, subject to such substitutes being of equivalent quality as available.


  1. Breakdowns or Delays

The company gives its advice on journey times in good faith. However, as a result of a breakdown or traffic congestion; weather; or other events beyond the reasonable control of the company, journeys may take longer than predicted and in those circumstances, the company will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience suffered by the hirer as a result. Timings given with respect to delays are estimates only and cannot be treated as an actual time of collection or arrival.


  1. Agency Arrangements

Where the company hires its vehicles from other operators at the request of the hirer and where the company arranges ancillary facilities such as meals, accommodation, ferries, admission tickets or any service provided by another supplier it does so as agent for and behalf of the hirer. Any terms and conditions imposed by such other suppliers through the company shall, insofar as they are supplied to the hirer, be binding on the hirer as if he had directly contracted such services. The hirer shall indemnify the company against any loss, claim, damage or award in respect of a breach of such supplier’s terms and conditions brought about by the hirer’s action.


  1. Package Travel Regulation

If the hirer organises other elements of a package in addition to the provision of transport, the hirer will be defined as ‘Organiser’ for the purpose of the Package Travel, Package holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992, and as such, shall comply with the provisions of those Regulations.

In this instance, the company cannot accept any liability that may be incurred for losses or damage that it would otherwise accept under the terms of those Regulations.

The hirer accepts responsibility for ensuring whether they are so defined, and the company cannot accept loss or damage incurred that should have been the responsibility of the hirer if the hirer was the legally defined organiser or retailer.

Where the company acts as an organiser or retailer, it will issue separate conditions of trading relating to its liabilities and responsibilities under the Regulations.


  1. Passengers Property
  2. A. All vehicles hired by the company are subject to restrictions on carrying luggage for statutory safety and overloading reasons. The hirer accepts that the driver shall be the sole judge as to whether and to what extent passenger’s property is carried, and the hirer should take all steps to notify the company in advance of excessive luggage requirements. Not all coaches/buses have a luggage compartment, therefore the hirer should not assume there will be sufficient or any luggage capacity without checking prior to the journey. It is the hirer responsibility to ensure luggage capacity is confirmed on the hirer’s confirmation. A standard case per passenger is permitted when luggage capacity is confirmed.

International luggage size standards are mostly weight and size based. Typically a standard passenger luggage size is around 26 x 20 x 13 inches. (67 X 51 X 33 centimetres) and 15KG in weight which is widely accepted around the world and the size used for this clause.

  1. B. The Company will take all reasonable steps to avoid loss or damage to the personal property of the hirer and its passengers. The hirer should notify the company or the driver if items of exceptional value are to be carried on the vehicle. It is the hirer’s responsibility to minimize the risk of loss when the property is left unattended. It is recommended that no property is left on any vehicle and if so, it is entirely at the hirer’s risk.
  2. C. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that items of value are insured separately for loss and damage.
  3. D. All articles of lost property recovered from the vehicles will be held at the company’s premises where the vehicles are based and will be subject to current public service vehicle (lost property) Regulations. The company will provide details of the legislation on request.


  1. Conduct of Passengers
  2. A. The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle at all times, and as such may remove any passenger whose behaviour prejudices the safety or is in breach of Public Service Vehicle (Conduct of Drivers, Inspectors, Conductors, and Passengers) Regulations 1990. These regulations set out certain rights and responsibilities on all parties, and full details of these can be obtained from the company on request.

The hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by any passenger for the duration of the hire.

  1. B. Where the hire is to a sporting event the hirer should be aware of the legal requirements relating to alcohol, contained in the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol) Act 1995, and the condition of entry to racecourses as laid down by the Race Course Association Ltd. The company will provide details of these restrictions on request.


  1. Complaints

In the unlikely event of a complaint about the company services, the hirer should endeavour to seek a solution at the time by seeking assistance from the driver or from the company. If this has not proved a remedy, complaints must be submitted in writing and within 21 days of the termination date of the hire. Complaints submitted after this time may not be considered.


  1. Notices

No bill, poster, notice or signage is to be displayed on any vehicle without the written consent of the company.


  1. Refreshments and Alcoholic drinks

Other than on a vehicle fitted expressly for that purpose food (except confectionery) and drink (Including Alcoholic Beverage) may not be consumed on the vehicle without prior written consent from the company. It is unusual for the consumption of alcohol on board any vehicle to be agreed upon. Consideration for special occasions may be given though. If allowed a pre-paid cleaning bond of £250 will apply.


  1. Surcharges

Once a confirmation has been issued to the hirer providing there are 30 days prior to the departure date, the company reserves the right to pass on increases in the cost of fuel, taxes imposed by the Governments of the UK and of other countries to be visited during the journey, road tolls and foreign currency, No surcharge will be levied within 30 days of departure. On notification of such surcharges, the hirer may cancel the booking subject to the scale of cancellation charges shown in paragraph 12.


  1. Liability of the Company

The liability of the company in respect of any failure to provide any services under the contract will be limited to the cost of the hirer and any ancillary services to be supplied. The company shall not be liable for any pecuniary or consequential loss allegedly arising from any breach of this agreement by the company.

Refunds that may apply:

  1. Late arrival that does not include Force Majeure (circumstances beyond our control) 0-1 hours late at collection point NO compensation
  2. Late arrival that does not include Force majeure (circumstances beyond our control) 1-2 hours late at collection point £50 compensation
  3. Late arrival that does not include Force majeure (circumstances beyond our control) 2 hours and above lateness £100 compensation
  4. Air Condition malfunction or failure that results in A/C not working at the start of Hire £50 Compensation. N.B. If the AC fails during the hire it is classed as circumstances beyond our control and as a result, compensation will not apply.
  5. W/C (toilet) and servery malfunction or failure that results in W/C servery not working at the start of Hire £50 Compensation. N.B. If the W/C Servery fails during the hire it is classed as circumstances beyond our control and as a result, compensation will not apply.
  6. Unclean vehicle including an unclean WC £50 Compensation
  7. Inoperative WC including the toilet not being Emptied prior to the journey start £50 Compensation. If WC fails during the hire it is classed as circumstances beyond our control and as a result, compensation will not apply.
  8. Heating malfunction or failure that results in the heating not working at the start of Hire £50 Compensation. N.B. If the Heating fails during the hire it is classed as circumstances beyond our control and as a result, compensation will not apply.
  9. Empty Auxiliary water for servery and WC at the start of the journey £50 compensation.
  10. No hand towels, soap, toilet paper, sick bags and cleaning equipment for sickness and/spillage at the start of the journey £50 compensation.
  11. In the unlikely event of a seat belt not working at the start of the journey and it is reported to the driver £50 compensation. Seatbelt failure during the hire it is classed as circumstances beyond our control and as a result, compensation will not apply.
  12. If marketing material is supplied to indicate the category of vehicle and size, this is only indicative of what will be supplied and may not be the exact vehicle as shown in the marketing material compensation zero.


  1. Cleaning Charge

All vehicles are hired to the hirer in a state of cleanliness fit for the purpose of hire. Bins and or rubbish bags will be provided for general litter. Excess rubbish beyond normal litter and if the vehicle is soiled in any way, e.g. vomit, we reserve the right to levy a minimum cleaning charge of £250, to enable the vehicle to be professionally cleaned.


  1. Acceptance of Terms

By hiring the vehicle you are formally agreeing to terms and conditions outlined in this document available by link in your booking confirmation and on our website.

Re: Additional charges in terms. Accounts customers will be invoiced accordingly. Prepaid customers agree to these charges being levied against the card used to make the original booking or if prepaid by cheque, agree to pay charges by the return of post once cleaning invoice has been received.

Please note that the majority of our vehicles are fitted both internally and externally with CCTV which records visual and audio, the hirer accepts that CCTV recordings may be taken.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Company, by continuing to use the service you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions in its current format. Updates to these terms and Conditions will be available via this application and other electronic media from time to time and are available upon request.

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