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Rugby and Game Travel Coach Hire

If you are arranging transport for your rugby team or your supporters, know that at Coachhire4U, we understand all your needs. We coordinate with many sports clubs and provide cost-effective coach hire for sports services to teams and supporters alike. Whether you have to move the whole team and equipment or a handful of fans, our fleet comprises mini buses and coaches of all sizes and for all needs.

Football Matches Coach Hire

There is hardly something more annoying than going to a football match only to see it has started without you. A way to ensure you’ll be there to support your favourite team from minute one is a private coach hire for a sports event. Our certified drivers know how important it is to get to the match on time, and will chauffeur you to the destination quickly and safely.

Horse Racing Events Coach Hire

In England, horse racing means much more than sports. It is a true cultural event, so dress in your best Sunday attire and get ready to live an experience like no other. To bet, socialise, or just to enjoy the green, going to a horse race event is a must.

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Royal Ascot

Expect to surround yourself with more fancy hats than famous horses at the biggest event of its kind. Royal Ascot is a unique social experience where people gather to spend quality time in the company of each other, bet, or at least guess which will be the favourite. If you are looking for the best solution to group travel there, who not choose the comfort of a private coach hire?


Epsom is another high-fashion horse race to attend. At Coachhire4U, we know you need a stylish vehicle to take you to the event. Our coach hire for UK sport service comprises a series of executive and VIP vehicles that won’t make you shy away as you get off the coach when you get there.

Newmarket Racecourse

Often referred to as the headquarters of British horseracing, Newmarket’s Rowley Mile and July Course are unmissable. If you want to group travel there, a private coach hire can be your most cost-effective option. We have a selection of mini buses and coaches suitable to transport groups of all sizes and to any horserace or sports event in Europe or the UK.

International Teams and Airport Transfers

International teams are flying in and out of the UK regularly, and at Coachhire4U, we can work with your sports club to provide coach travel services for international teams and their equipment. We can transport players from any London airport to your sports club or their hotel so that they won’t have to spend hours navigating the city.

With our sports coach hire service, you can show your guests that you’re an organised sports club that cooperates professionally despite the competition in the field.

In a similar fashion, you can transport your team or supporters from your sports club to any London airport if you are playing at their home.

How To Book

To book your service with us, call or send us an email. Alternatively, fill in the online booking form. When booking your travel with us, we will assign you a travel manager who’ll work with you towards finding the best transport solution for your team or group of supporters, and who will answer all your queries regarding logistics and price.

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